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Talk with Squat!Net admins

    • You can reach our tech team via email :
  • This contact address accepts encrypted emails so if you know your way around PGP here’s our key fingerprint:  F9C7 E6AA C7D9 7A69 497B AE69 11C8 9A10 84D3 3DDE
  • You can download our OpenPGP key here.
We also have a public chat based on IRC. You can access it using this webchat or you can configure your IRC client (such as Pidgin) with the following settings:
    • Server:
    • Port: 6697
    • Use SSL encrypted connexion
  • Channel: #squat
Please remember this chat is public and any information posted there can be traced or archived.

About privacy

We have a policy of no unnecessary data retention. We don’t hold any other personal details apart from your email so your email is the only information that we can be legally forced to hand over. Your email address is stored on the server to send you password resets and to contact you with technical information or for legal reasons. If you can be traced by your email address then this data may end up in the wrong hands if the server were to be seized. Be aware of this. We suggest that you apply from a secure email address if you can. You can find a list of radical servers here.

We discourage users from posting other people’s personal details and we may remove personal details from posts.